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What is the Highton Accounting Group?

Keleman & Associates is part of the Highton Accounting Group, which is a group of accountants, financial planners and mortgage brokers that work together to give our clients the optimum range of services to secure a sound financial future.

The Highton Accounting Group offices are based in the Highton Shopping Centre at Level 1, 2A Belle Vue Arcade, Highton – in Geelong.

Does Keleman & Associates provide financial planning advice?

No. While we can assist you with your accounting and taxation requirements related to your investments via our investment advisory service, we do not give clients advice as to which investment to make. However, if it is financial planning advice you need, we can recommend experienced financial planners, who are part of the Highton Accounting Group.

Why do I need an accountant to assist me with my self-managed superannuation fund?

The Australian Tax Office has strict accounting and taxation rules that apply to self-managed superannuation funds. The Geelong accountants at Keleman & Associates can assist with self-managed superannuation fund compliance and ensure that your fund is operating legally and efficiently.

Keleman & Associates accountants can also assist with tax planning and taxation minimisation to ensure that your self-managed superannuation fund is not paying too much tax. Also, that your personal tax liabilities are modest.

What is the difference between Keleman & Associates’ personal income tax and tax planning services?

Unless you earn no income, or a very modest income, you will need to submit a personal tax return to the Australian Taxation Office. Taxation planning services by the Geelong accountants at Keleman & Associates help you put in place strategies that help minimise tax that you will have to pay the Australian Taxation Office. This service is especially useful if you are a sole trader, own your own business, have investments such as property or shares or a complex investment portfolio.

How long will it take for my personal income tax return to come back?

Keleman & Associates electronically lodges all tax returns to the Australian Taxation Office. This service ensures that your income taxation return is processed as soon as possible.

My taxation needs are very complex. Do your accountants have the necessary experience to ensure that my investment portfolio is handled appropriately?

The team at Keleman & Associates has very experienced accountants with vast knowledge of the intricacies of the Australian taxation system. You can be assured that we are very prepared and able to address any accounting and taxation portfolio, regardless of your investments or business structures.

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