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Finding the right Geelong accountant for you

Your financial health depends on a healthy relationship between you and your qualified accountant, so choosing the right Geelong accountant is vital to your long-term financial success.

What do we mean by a healthy relationship? An ongoing relationship built on trust with an accountant who takes the time to understand you and the intricacies of your financial situation and knows how to best maximise your wealth in line with your financial goals.

Most accountants are proficient in their trade. But not all accountants have the ability to put themselves in the shoes of their client, see what their client is trying to achieve and then put in place the necessary taxation and accounting structures to make that happen.

One of the strengths of Keleman & Associates is our ability to form long-term client relationships that give us the opportunity to fully understand where you’re heading financially.

We not only put in place the right accounting and taxation pathways to financial freedom for our clients, we are also on the constant look out for changes to taxation and accounting legislation that may affect our clients. Not only in regard to taxation and self managed superannuation fund compliance, but also so we can help you take maximum advantage of new taxation rules – to your benefit.

When choosing a Geelong accountant consider:

  • The size of the accounting firm. Large firms may offer you good rates, but with a smaller accounting firm like Keleman & Associates you are more likely to get better individualised service. If you choose a big firm – ensure that your accounts are not being handled by a subcontractor.
  • The range of accounting, taxation and business services on offer. There’s a lot more to taxation than a personal taxation return. Choose accountants with a good breadth of services.
  • Qualifications and experience. Experience means everything in accounting and taxation. By choosing Keleman & Associates you know you’re getting a Geelong accountant with broad experience in all aspects of accounting, taxation and small business services.

Please contact us to book an appointment with our Geelong accountants.